1. Go to http://buildapp.us/login

Username: fivetwomedia

Password: 2supreme4u

2. Look at video above and make an app for Android. Do not actually publish, but save and state the name of app you created and I will critique. Be creative and customize app using whatever graphic design skills you have. Cheers!

Tips: Create Splash Screen and icons (and any other graphics if needed) before starting app building and plan out the layout of app so that you have an idea of what will go in it.

Some great apps to create are RSS Feeds, Small Niche E-commerce shops, Niche Informational Apps, Quotes app, News app, etc.

Note: This appbuilder has many features so you may want to snoop around and get familiar with it first before building an app. Also go HERE for a quick tour video of this AppBuilder (4 min video).

Please contact me if you have any questions and have fun building. 🙂